Customer Testimonials

"Nancy has been taking care of Otis for almost 2 years now and we could not be happier!  Otis gets antsy around walk time knowing that Nancy is coming soon to play.  She really cares about her clients and is always makes sure to let us know how Otis is doing or if she notices something might be wrong.  Nancy is a part of our family and we would be lost with out her!"
-Laura, Mike, Otis
"Nancy saved us when we were heading out for our 7-day Maui vacation and our regular pet-sitter was not accessible. Nancy has always been great with our dog in their short visits together but this was going to be the first extended pet-sitting for Nancy and our Tootsie (Chi-mix) together.

Actually, this last-minute situation was better than I could have ever imagined. Nancy agreed to stay at the house so Tootsie was in the comforts of her home, backyard and all her toys the whole time we were away. Nancy regularly sent photos of Tootsie playing and napping. Our vacation was enjoyed that much more because we never worried about her welfare in Nancy's company. When we got home and said good-bye to Nancy, I could see how attached Tootsie got to Nancy and that warmed my heart.

I encourage everyone to give your pet "the Nancy touch" and you will be hooked for life!

You are heaven-sent Nancy."

"We were very pleased with the care given our dogs during a recent family reunion out of state.  At that time we had 2 dogs with 3 puppies and needed someone we knew was going to show up and do what we had asked.  Nancy took great care of the dogs, visiting when we requested and caring for them as instructed.  If needed again we would not hesitate to call Nancy for help."

-Terry and Laura
"Nancy has watched my cat Joni on several occasions for up to two weeks each time, and has always been professional, reliable, honest, and flexible.  Pretty much everything you'd want in a pet sitter.   I recommend her highly and won't hesitate to call her the next time Joni needs that special touch."

"Nancy has taken care of our two dogs for around two years now, and we couldn't be happier with her service! Having our pets watched at home is more economical and convenient than boarding but most importantly our dogs are less stressed when we return home. Nancy is able to give snuggles and belly rubs to our medium sized 13 year old Corgi/Spaniel mix and keep up playing with our high energy pit bull terrier. I would absolutely recommend her to friends and family for long or short trips."

"Nancy has been taking care of our 2 Yorkies, Bhu and Gimlet, for the last 2 1/2 years. She has been wonderful in her attention to their care. She gives us daily reports on how they did on her visit. And she had always been keen on keeping an eye on any signs of when they maybe having any problems. She not only walks and plays with them but had also given them baths when needed. She also has house-sat for us and kept the dogs company while we were away. I know our dogs love Nancy and so do we."  

"Nancy is a conscientious and devoted animal caretaker. Pets respond very positively to her skill set, experience and affection. My little dog adores her and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nancy to care for your pet or to stay in your home. she is trustworthy, thoughtful and protective of her charges."  

"We found Nancy by a stroke of luck and have been blessed to have her still in the business. She is kind hearted, knowledgeable, stable and loves her babies (our 4 legged children!). Our house is immaculate when we come home, the sheets are changed on our bed and no dishes around."  


Nancy was referred to me by a pet sitter who uses Nancy's services when she is out of town.  With such a referral we knew we could not go wrong. Each day Nancy fed, cleaned and cared for our cats.  Our cats aren't particularly friendly but by the end of our first booking Lana cat would come out and interact. Stella wanted to be safe under the bed. The pictures she sent of our girls was a great comfort to us.

Nancy kept an eye on our garden and watered the flowers and tomatoes. The plants were thriving when we arrived back home. Our mail was neatly stacked ready for us. The trash was set out and cans put away on schedule. Blinds were opened so our kitties could spend the day looking out on the world then closed each evening when it was time for them to settle down for the night.

The first time Nancy took care of our cats we had several "life happens" moments.   One morning the garage door was open when Nancy arrived. Nancy handled the situation by trying to contact us first then went to the list we left for neighbors to contact. It ended up being a random misfire of the door and all ended up being fine. Nancy disabled the door so it wouldn't happen again.

When you need a pet sitter, Nancy is an outstanding choice. She is dependable, caring and thorough. She cares for your babies and will manage your property well. 

Susan M
I am so happy that I discovered Nancy's pet sitting services.She has taken great care of my chickens,cats and follows my directions carefully and sends me updates with photos of my pets while I am away. I find her to be a very caring and responsible pet sitter. She's the best!

San Jose, Ca
Nancy is a kind and responsible dog and house sitter. I love the text and picture updates she sends throughout her stay. Frankie is never upset when we return. I know she is in good hands with Nancy!

Julie G. 
San Jose,Ca